Live system/Score, etc.

What is a script I can use to store data and then how would I display that data on the screen as numbers (I want to use it to make a score system,) also, how do I reference numerical values from other scripts (EX: Trigger A is activated and Value B in Script C increases by X)? Thank you.

Heres the script you need to display:

 var myScore:int = 0;
    otherScript myScript;

    function Start(){
      myScript = GameObject.Find( AnotherGameObjectName ).GetComponent(otherScript);  // "AnotherGameObjectName" is the name of the object containing the script and "otherScript" is the name of that script


    function OnGUI(){
      myScore = myScript.getScore(); // Where "getScore" is a function of that script

      GUI.Label(Rect(0,0, 100, 30), "Score: " + myScore);


And heres a sample script called "otherScript.js"

var currentScore = 10;

function int getScore(){
   return currentScore;