Livery Editor Issues

Hello, I’m making a livery editor similar to the Forza or need for speed franchise. I’m having one problem I have a system where I put the car texture on a canvas and then add decals and convert that to a render texture. The problem I get with this method is that when I move the decal over the texture it goes all over the car or like in this example the decal disappears after going past the bumper. Could I rearrange the texture so the decal doesn’t disappear or should I use a completely different method for making a livery system. I know this might be a bit unclear but I think the video explains the problem

Wow what a cool bro!

However I would try to create an organized plot so as to have the right angles, the problem is finding the correct system … wait for some expert who will be able to give you the right clarifications.

You should better crop the areas, only in three parts it seems little you should also have a seems of the front and rear façade etc … etc … divide the car into seems in each bodywork complex and organize it in a linear way

So your image should flow only in that perimeter of the facade, otherwise it “disappears” e.g. the image of the door only reaches up to the headlight

However, it should all depend on your unwrap. if cut properly you can both spread your texture correctly and be able to use the livery placement

sucks a bit but try to understand XD