LM Bake bleed between objects..

Any suggestions how to solve this, that does not include making walls as pre-modelled as 1 object…

need the dynamic workflow in unity to be able to build the levels here, but baking lightmap keeps bleeding in between objects even if no distance between… any hacks or nuts n bolts to solve this?


Few things about LM, if you are using 3rd party software to bake. Make sure you are giving your UV space a few pixels of breathing room so that you can turn on bleed and have your textures bleed a few pixels over the UVs.

Also, when you select your LM texture after import, Set the wrap mode to “clamp” to make sure that the edges are coming over smoothly.

I have not played around with beast much but if you are using beast, I would guess that similar options exists.

If you know 3DS Max and it is an option for you, I have made a Max to Unity LM workflow tutorial here.