Load a certain level depending on where objects are placed.

Hi. I’m making a sort of tycoon game, I have got the basic drag and drop feature. When a button is pressed, I want it to load a level depending on how many of each object there is. For instance I have ads, talk shows and music, if there is a right balance of them load a certain level, if there is too many ads then load another etc… I have the basic code for loading A level but a specific one.

#pragma strict
 public var Level = "2";
 function LoadLevel(){

so yeah I just need it to choose a level depending on strings

c# so now tag the UI elements in inspector & make sure tags are same as you test in script :

public GameObject [] Music;
	public GameObject [] Ads;
	public GameObject [] Shows;

	void Update(){
		Music = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("music");
		Ads = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("ads");
		Shows = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("shows");

	public void ChoesLevel(){
       //this test which object have the larger amount than others if you want certain NUMBER test only the array length like that if(Music.Length == 5) .

		if (Music.Length > Ads.Length && Music.Length > Shows.Length) {
			print ("music :" + Music.Length);
		} else if (Ads.Length > Music.Length && Ads.Length > Shows.Length) {
			print ("ads :" + Ads.Length);
		} else if (Shows.Length > Music.Length && Shows.Length > Ads.Length) {
			print ("show :" + Shows.Length);		
		} else {
			print ("there is no one type is biger than others");