Load A complete unity game using other program

What I want to do is to have a main hub where all the my available games are presented. User can select a game and it will download it from a server. I want to know what programming language/ application can load an entire unity game.

I was planning to use asset bundle before as a solution to this functionality but I don’t think it will fit my need. Because
a. it requires pro
b. it does not load executable code. codes will be downloaded as text asset
c. the loader/the hub where all the games will be loaded need to know what codes are present in the asset bundle. this would now work as there are about 40+ games and they all have different types of games in it with different scripts.

Now I am trying to figure out a way to just create an app that can load these unity games and can pass info to the games. Like log in info so it knows the username of the player while he is playing a game.

Note: we are planning to deploy this app in multiple platforms.

Here is simple image of what I want to achieve. :slight_smile:

My first initial thought would be to create a new Unity Project and copy everything from the others into that. Then create a UI Menu that would load each one the same way you load Scenes currently.

However, since you want to download each game separately, you could do it via some sort of hacked Update function within that new Project? Have it flagged so that when the user clicks on it, it checks to see if it’s been downloaded/updated, and if it hasn’t then download/update it.

Is there any solotion to do this?

How about using WebGL build?