Load a scene on start?

So I am currently making a very simple mobile game that has a lot of levels and all I need is options for volume and vibration on/off so I don’t feel like making a menu. So I am using PlayerPrefs to save the players level. All of that work well but how do I Load that scene on start? I can’t do SceneManager.LoadScene(PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“Level”, 0)); in OnStart() because that would cause an infinite loop. So how do I do this? Is it possible or do I need a menu?

You could have a scene (let’s call it “Init”), in which all you have is a gameobject with a script doing the LoadScene instruction in “Start()”. Depending on the time it takes to load the scene, you may want to add a loading bar, but no need for a menu.

Don’t forget to set this Init scene as the first in your build settings.