load all scene at ones randomly

I have lots of scene and what i want to do is load them one after another but each time i press start game it will automatically arrange them randomly.
Load all, not 1 at a time.

I’m not sure what you mean, but I guess you want to “LoadLevelAdditive” to load scenes without “unloading” another.

For the random loading, add an array called “LevelIds” (or anything you want) in the same script that will call the LoadLevelAdditive. Initialize the array with all the level ids you want to randomly load. The array could be an array of strings with all the names of the scenes or an array of ints, with all the ids of those scenes as they appear in the Build Settings window.

Then, randomize the array doing something like this: c# - Randomize a List<T> - Stack Overflow

And the last step, iterate over the array calling LoadLevelAdditive for every element in the array.