Load assets dynamically using relative paths

I have a movie texture dynamically loading off the web. Fine. But I need to load these LOCALLY. I’ve spent half a day googling, trying various options, but nothing works.

As a last resort, I will use absolute pathing, but prefer relative.
For instance, this would be absolute pathing on windows (I’m on OSX)
string url = @“file://C:/Users/PCNAME/Desktop/sample/3d/sample.ogv”;

I’ve also tried copying my .ogv files inside the ‘Contents’ directory inside my compiled application.
Then changing my path to Application.dataPath +“sample.ogv”

Can anyone help? This shouldn’t be so difficult!
I’ve noticed the official documentation seems to be only in Javascript as well

The URL to a local file of your application is:

“file://” + Application.dataPath + “/your_file”

Output that first to make sure where to put the file. Beware that it probably needs that slash to be added before the filename. And you should encode the URL too: