Load different ammo types (or arrow types)

Hi, I’ve been stuck with this for hours and I have no idea how to do this, I’m basically trying to make a bow script and I want to implement multiple arrow types (like in the thief series or far cry 3.

I have an enum of the multiple arrow types but I can’t can’t change a variable through another script :/.

Here’s the interesting part of the bowscript that holds multiple arrow types:

public class BowScript : MonoBehaviour {

	public enum arrowTypes {

	public arrowTypes arrowType;

And here’s how I’m trying to modify the variable “arrowType”

public class ArrowSelectorScript : MonoBehaviour {

	public string arrowType;
	public BowScript bowScript;

	void OnMouseDown () {
		bowScript.arrowType = bowScript.arrowTypes + arrowType;

However, I am gettings this error: error CS0572: arrowTypes': cannot reference a type through an expression; try BowScript.arrowTypes’ instead

but I quite don’t understand what it wants me to do, coud someone give me a hand?

Thanks in advance.

I think This helps you .

BowScript.arrowType = BowScript.arrowTypes + arrowType;