Load Different Stages

Hello Unity i have a question about loading different stages
.i have stages that i have build off different scenes and i want to select them after i have select a character.So will the stage play even though its not in the same scene as the characters that i have created or do they have to be in the same scene in order for it to work?

They can be in different scenes. Here are some options:

  1. Use DontDestroyOnLoad on your character’s GameObject. Then use Application.LoadLevel() to load the stage scene. Your character will stay in the active scene. You may need to position it properly within the stage, though. Before you can load a level, you have to add it to the project’s build settings.
  2. Use Application.LoadLevelAdditive() to add the stage to the active scene. When the stage is done, you’ll need to destroy it to remove it from the active scene. You can do it manually, use a free tool like Scene Loader, or something more advanced like Sectr Stream.