Load level with lives based on score

I am trying to write a script to load a level if your score is greater than 80 but I also wanted to change the number of lives in the next scene based on the score example if you get a 80 you get one life if you get a 90 you get 2 lives and if you get a 100 you get 3 lives. This is what I have come up with

`using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class CalculatePoints : MonoBehaviour
public string levelName;

void OnClick ()
	// if score is 80 or more

if (Score.pointScore = 80)
// then load the next level with 1 life
(Game10_Player.lives = 1)

if (Score.pointScore = 90)
// then load the next level with 2 life
(Game10_Player.lives = 2)

if (Score.pointScore = 100)
// then load the next level with 3 life
(Game10_Player.lives = 3)

    Application.LoadLevel(Application.loadedLevel + 1);




Make a an empty gameObject in your scene and add a controller script on it. Call DontDestroyOnLoad() on it so it wont be destroyed when you load the new level. In the same script you also store the variable with the score. Then you can reference this scrip by the player script and add lives depending on the score or set the players score in the same script:

public Score score; // your score variable
public Player player;

void Awake()
   if(Score.pointScore == 80)
      player.lives = 1;
   // Go on checking....


void OnClick()



something like this should do the trick

Hope it helps

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