Load mp3 from webplayer

I am trying to load a random MP3 into a running webplayer. Is this possible with some streaming/binary read/plugin???

The idea is that the user can upload their own MP3 so embedding in Unity3D editor is not an option.


The MP3’s will be hosted on the very same server as the webapplication. Its a community related thing where people can produce there own background music and then upload it for usage in their project.

Copyright restrictions is not the issue, as they have agreed upon license/copyright restrctions beforehand. Any violation will cause their data to be removed instantly + filed to authorities if needed.

But the real question is:

Is it POSSIBLE to let a user upload ANY MP3 (through eg. HTML-> ASP.NET) and then let Unity webplayer load this data somehow?

I have C# and ASP.NET skills + 100% control of the site/servers running this. So I can do whatever needed.

MP3 is not supported and you can’t add support since binaries are a no-no for webplayer for sandbox security. I’d suggest you convert to ogg on your server. You can’t access just any old mp3 on the web either (again, sandbox restriction), so they have to put the file on your website,