Load next scene during current scene to provide quicker / instant transtions

I’ve been developing an application in VR where there’s an overall map of available scenes (which are primarily 360 Video clips played inside a sphere). The transition to this smaller scenes is fairly instant but the transition back to the main ‘map,’ which contains a lot of geometry, is slow and it’s not the best the experience.

As there is only one ‘next scene’ within each one of these smaller scenes (to go back to the main scene), it would be great to call a process, at the beginning of the smaller scene, that loads the map in the background, and then when the user selects the ‘back’ button, the map would reappear in an instant.

It would be great to be able to call SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(“scene_name”); but not have it become the active scene until the user selects that option.

Of course, I could reimagine the experience as one scene, but I made the assumption that having too many video files in a single scene might be resource intensive … perhaps that’s not the case? While I’ve had decent success as a new coder getting the functionality of what I want out of unity and the Oculus VR packages, I’m not experienced enough to know the best way to handle optimization and, also, I’m obviously using very new tools for not the most conventional of uses.

I think this is what you’re looking for: