Load on click has not been assigned?

Hello, I’m trying to follow along with one your tutorials

I copied the code how it was, is it because I’m using Unity 5 and not 4?

I’ve been using unity off and on again throughout the summer and finally decided to get serious about it, I was trying to create a menu using Fungus but couldn’t figure it out so decided to try coding again,

Does this look right?
I still have a lot to do but when I click Level 1 the next screen should load but it doesn’t it keeps saying its not assigned

I have a few more questions also, but I’ll post them later on…

You attach the script LoadOnClick to the Canvas game object in your hierarchy or addcomponent under the inspector menu while having the canvas selected. Thereon, add a new onClick function to the action button. Drag and drop the canvas object into the onClick zone that prompts for a game object.