Load Previously Instantiated Network Objects

I am working on a networked game. The issue is that I’m not sure how to get the client to load objects that have already been instantiated before it connected.

My code looked like this:

// Server
void OnServerInitialized() {

// Client
void OnConnectedToServer() {

The result was that the server could see both instances of players, but the client would not see the instance the server created before it had connected. I’m not sure how to get the client to pull that instance.

As an example, say a new player connects to a multiplayer game while the match is happening, the new client needs to load an object for each of the other network players.

I figured it out. I had to LoadLevelAdditive instead of LoadLevel. What was happening was that the RPCs were getting sent to the client, but that was happening before loading the level. Then the LoadLevel call would erase what had already been loaded.