Load Scene from dynamic location at runtime

I am trying to load a scene at runtime after downloading it from the Steam Workshop. Modders can make a scene and upload it to the workshop. The player downloads all of the scenes, and they get placed wherever they installed Steam.

It seems addressables are supposed to solve this, but the documentation is severely lacking. How can I use addressables to load a scene from a dynamic location at runtime? I only have knowledge of the location of the scene at runtime, as they can download a new map at any time during play.

The solution for those looking for it:

public static string LoadSceneFromBundle(string path)
        DirectoryInfo fileInfo = new DirectoryInfo(path);
        string scenePath = fileInfo.EnumerateFiles().First().FullName;

        AssetBundle bundle = GetAssetBundle(scenePath);

        if (bundle == null)
            Debug.LogError($"failed to load asset bundle {scenePath}");
            return string.Empty;
        string[] scenes = bundle.GetAllScenePaths();
        Debug.Log($"loading bundle from scenepath: {scenes[0]}");
        string scene = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(scenes[0]);
        return scene;