Load Spotify image into texture C#


So I’ve been working on this music visualizer that has handy features in it.
Recently I started loading Spotify API to find cover art for track that is playing.
I managed to return image URL, but my problem lies here: URL does not have extension.

For example I get URL “https://i.scdn.co/image/7ed3a7e5f7a31268787b64776ff1c5eb6eed4985
which when opened is an image, but www.texture does not seem to be returning image as there is no extension. Is there a way to fix this?

Can i see the code that you used to get the image? from spotify and the www request?

I suggest you try the UnityWebRequest API instead of the WWW. This in particular is created to get textures on the web the most efficient way: Unity - Scripting API: UnityWebRequestTexture

No idea if this will change anything, but UnityWebRequest is the future of WWW. WWW will soon be deprecated.