Load streamingassets from non ienumerator method ?

Hi, i have some trouble for a couple days and i cant see the way out from this :s

i want to create a script. it will be use for load image from streamingassets folder

i simplified the script to be like this.

public class ImageLoader : MonoBehaviour
private Texture2D _texInMemory;

public Texture2D GetImage(string fileName)

return _texInMemory;

Ienumerator LoadImage(string fileName)
var path = somestring;
WWW uri = new WWW(path);
yield return uri;

_texInMemory = uri.texture;

i want another script can take Texture2D from “_texInMemory” from GetImage method.
now everytime i call method GetImage, it will always return null
I think this is because LoadImage method still on work and has not been load the texture from WWW.

my question is what line i need to add in GetImage method / ImageLoader class so another script can get _texInMemory from GetImage Method ?

thanks before and sorry for my bad english

After waiting for this question to get some answer… i found it myself with help from a friend.