Load TTF font instead of OTF

I have two fonts with the same name, but different extensions (ttf and otf). If I do

Font f = Resources.Load("Fonts/bimasakti") as Font;

the variable f gets an instance of the otf font, which is quite reasonable as I’m guessing the loader is searching for files in alphabetical order. Anyways, if I do

Font f = Resources.Load("Fonts/bimasakti.ttf") as Font;

the variable f gets nulled, which means that the loader can’t find the ttf font.

Why is that and how can I force the loader to load my ttf font instead of the otf?

Well, there’s several possible solutions, but the simplest is to place your OTF and TTF fonts in separate directories, then use:

Font f = Resources.Load("Fonts/OTF/bimasakti") as Font;


Font f = Resources.Load("Fonts/TTF/bimasakti") as Font;

as appropriate.