Load Unity levels made from another computer

Is there an easy way to load a unity scene made from another computer? I've tried doing it, but the scene has no assets in it, just the transforms of where the assets were supposed to go.

Right click the unity scene from the first computer, click export. After you've exported it, send it to the other computer, then just double click.

You can't just move the file itself, it's meaningless without the metadata belonging with it

If you want to this during runtime you'll probably need to use asset bundles, which are only available on the pro version. If you want to just load the scene into the editor you'll need to create a unitypackage containing that scene and including all dependencies (assets).

if my understanding is correct you want to transfer the whole scene file to another computer to edit it and what not. if so the best way is to right click on the scene file in the project window and then choose export package. then make sure you have the select all dependesies checked. then in the other computer choose import package and select the file you created this will do it