LoadFromCacheOrDownload non asset bundles


Is there any build-in way to download and cache anything other than asset bundles. I’d be using asset bundles for my layout, but I don’t want to rebuild my entire bundle for the sake of editing 1 texture.

My approach is currently an json which contains the following:

  • Path to the asset bundle containing the layout
  • Paths to the json containing all data about the asset (numbers, text, image paths)

There would be a fair amount of asset bundles, each containing roughly 30-40 images.

I’m using WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload to cache my asset bundles, but it doesn’t work with textures.

WWWCached data can only be accessed using the assetBundle property!

Would there be a build-in way to cache it, or would I have to write the system myself?

Maybe you can try this, make a cube and assign material with the texture you want to download and cache. Make that cube asset bundle, and get its material after getting that cube from your asset bundle.
Example ;

AssetBundle assetBundle = www.assetBundle;
      GameObject g = assetBundle.Load(asset, typeof(GameObject)) as GameObject;
      // get texture from that
      Debug.log("txt "+g.renderer.material.mainTexture);