loading a heavy level fast

hi everyone!!.i’v a seroius problem
i’v a detailed terrain with a big building in the center,and to make even faster,i made inner rooms seperate,and i made scene transition to the rooms from the main level and even i made scen transition frm room to main level,the first transition is faster,since the room is small,but the secon transition frm room to main level is damn slower .i used application.load level, application.loadlevelasync and application.loadlevelasyncadditive…in all these i dint find quite small in loading time,.so i just want one thing,i dont mind loading these 2 levels before the starting of game so that it doesnt make user to wait inbetween the scenes…i even okay if the starting loading time of two scenes is 20 sec -50 secs…pls give some ideas.thanks in advance !!

If you don’t have memory issues you could try to disable all renderers / scripts / Gameobjects.

If you organise the whole level in one GameObject that’s pretty easy. That way the level is still there, but you can’t see it and it doesn’t render. Otherwise you should try to find the reason why it’s loading so slowly, maybe you can split it up into more seperate level parts. I guess you have Unity pro, so LoadLevelAdditiveAsync is your friend :wink:

Check with the (Deep) Profiler that the heaviness isn’t just one Awake function doing far more than you thought it was. It’s not always obvious what constitutes heaviness in a level.