Loading A Level After 40 Seconds

I have a cut scene that is exactly 40 seconds long and I am a pretty good javascript coder, i was trying to make a javascript that would load level one after 40 seconds. this is the script i was using
function Update ()
yield WaitForSeconds(40.0);
Application.LoadLevel(“FourBloods (Level 1)”);

but i just get an error that says Script Error coroutine and when i double click it to see what is wrong another error pops up that says null reference to an object and a buch of other stuff. can anyone help or give me a new script, make sure you tell me if the script is C#, Java, or Boo

Update runs every frame; it can’t be paused or interrupted, or made into a coroutine. Don’t use Update unless you want something to happen every frame. Use Start instead, which can be a coroutine. (Incidentally, Unity doesn’t use Java.)

UnityScript (.js):

var level : String = "FourBloods (Level 1)";
var delay : int = 40;

Invoke("Load", delay);

function Load() {