Loading a prefab from an asset bundle has broken materials on visionOS

I am trying to load a prefab from an asset bundle which has the standard shader on it. The material shows as magenta. I have the same prefab loaded in the initial scene and the material loads correctly.

I followed the advice of this thread (Material conversion fails when loading scene from asset bundle) which is to have a cube in the first scene with the same shader then load the assets later.

This doesn’t work on visionOS device or simulator (only works in editor). The material and shader itself isn’t in asset bundle, they’re being loaded by the scene.

Attached is the view from the simulator, the red text and the grey sphere are assets in the scene and the pink squares and pink circle are those same assets loaded from an asset bundle.

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Thank you for flagging this! If you haven’t already, please do raise a bug. We are still in the midst of testing asset bundles and addressables at large, and this will help us develop more robust test cases.

I already submitted a bug report and it was closed as “will not fix”

Your bug report IN-57427: Loading a prefab from an asset bundle has broken materials on visionOS has been closed with the resolution Won’t Fix . Resolver: Jaro Dockalova Resolution Notes: We do not support this functionality. We have added this a new feature request to consider post initial GA release.

Thanks Tomas! We’re aware of this issue and will be looking into developing further support. I will not be able to share any timelines in the meantime. I’ll let you know once there are more updates.