Loading an editable XML after building, using Application.dataPath

I need to be able to edit an XML after the game has been built. Until now, I’ve just been loading my XML from the resources folder, while running in the editor, like so…

        public XMLParser(String address)
            this.address = address;
            this.doc = null;

			textXML = (TextAsset)Resources.Load("OSC_OPC", typeof(TextAsset));

			Debug.Log("XML Loaded as text - Begin Print");
			Debug.Log("XML End Print");

I’ve done some research into how to modify this for a windows build.

I’ve gathered that I can place my xml in the data folder post build, then use Application.datapath to get the path to the data folder of the game build. However, I can’t find how to actually load the text asset, the equivalent Resources.Load call.

Solved this using StreamReader, make sure to include using System.IO

		string loadXMLStandalone (string fileName) {

			string path  = Path.Combine("Resources", fileName);
			path = Path.Combine (Application.dataPath, path);
			Debug.Log ("Path:  " + path);
			StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader (path);
			string streamString = streamReader.ReadToEnd();
			Debug.Log ("STREAM XML STRING: " + streamString);
			return streamString;