Loading and playing AudioClip at runtime

Hello, I want the user to select a music file from his computer and play it in the game. Once I have the file path, I am unable to get the file to play. Here is what I have tried:

function Start () {

function StartMusic() : IEnumerable{
	var importedClip : AudioClip;
	var pathUrl : WWW = new WWW("file://C:/1.ogg");
	importedClip = pathUrl.GetAudioClip(false);
		yield pathUrl;
	audio.clip = importedClip;

I tried both wav and ogg files (mp3 is not supported). I don’t get any error messages, but the music never starts! Is there anything I should/should not be doing here? thx!

Edit: I have tried with an imported audio clip and it works just fine, the problem seems to be with the usage of WWW.

So, since you can’t stream mp3s with WWW on a Desktop (only on mobile) and on iOS you can’t access mp3s with WWW because of the sandbox… I ended up reading the MP3 (native iOS, Android code with Unity plugin, and MP3Sharp on Desktop) and using the PCMCallBack on the SoundClip to import at runtime.

Just released asset that allows you to load AudioClip from waw, mp3, aiff and ogg files at runtime: