Loading Asset Bundles takes a lot of time on A10 Chip devices (iPad 6th and 7th Gen)


We recently upgraded our old Unity 2018.3.18f1 project to unity 2022.3.29f1(LTS at that time of upgrade).
Now with that we are facing one vey weird issue where asset loading from Asset Bundle is taking a lot of time(like app freeze moments which can go on for like 4-5 mins).
App Memory and other things in xCode remains same & nothing out of order there.

We have only noticed the issue with iPad 6th & iPad 7th Gen(A10 Chip).

We tried the Unity 2022.3.35f1 & 2021.3.40f1(downgrading) thinking issue might not be there but same issue is present there also.

We have tried changing few synchronous asset loading calls to Async asset loading and and that seems to work. We don’t face such high loading time with async loading. Now that’s a workaround but unfortunately that’ll take a lot of time as we’ll need to re-write the code base wherever synchronous asset loading is used.

We also found one very old issue which is marked fixed in 2018 version that seems to be same as our issue.
Link for that issue here - https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/loading-asset-bundles-takes-a-lot-of-time-on-a10-chipset-devices-or-lower

Anything to help us tackle this issue?