loading assetbundle offline

I am checking assetbundle example here;

In the assets bundle manager it is listed;

if (isLoadingAssetBundleManifest)
				download = new WWW(url);
				download = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(url, m_AssetBundleManifest.GetAssetBundleHash(assetBundleName), 0); 

If we are downloading the assets for the first time downloading the manifest from the web make sense.

Suppose we download the content for the first time, then we don’t have to go online to get the content. If the player is offline how to we download the manifest?

How to handle a situation like this?

Player download the content by going online. Then he turn off internet connection. If we start the game the manifest does not get loaded?

Suppose I am aware when the player suppose to go online is there a way to say get the bundleassets offline or from where it get saved ?

Best I can think of is that after you load the asset bundles you save them locally (Depending on your platform there are suggested folders to save data to. Or you may be able to use the application folder.).

But every time you go to load your asset bundle data you check if the files exist at the local directory first and then call WWW.Load from either the local or the web url as appropriate. For the url in WWW.Load you can use a local address and it will still work (ie. WWW.Load(“C:\MyGame\CachedData\assetbundle.asset”); on windows.).

This way you are not relying on Unity’s cache too heavily and after the first launch the data will exist locally so the user doesn’t need to be online.