Loading Audio from Asset Bundles not working in Unity 5.4

I am having an issue with audio clips not being loaded. With our game running, a mini-game can be accessed via an in-game menu. The scene for that mini-game is loaded from an asset bundle. The first time the mini-game is played, all sounds load and play with no issue. However, after exiting the mini-game back to the original scene and then returning to the mini-game a second time (all within game) the sound clips have a loadState of “Unloaded”. Even after a call to LoadAudioData(), which returns true, the clip remains “Unloaded”, but the following error is thrown:

Error: Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for resource archive:/BuildPlayer-Minigame/BuildPlayer-Minigame.resource, (File not found. )

The same error is also thrown each time the AudioSource attempts to play the clip.

Here you can check my solution: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/fmod-sound-instance-for-resource-error-with-asset-bundles.431456/#post-3004366 .