Loading Bar For Each Canvas in a Scene

Is it possible too do this or even worth while to have a Loading Bar for each Camera and Canvas in a scene with lots of each?

I have a scene that has 8 Cameras assigned to 8 canvases each with panels, animations, sounds etcetera. Is it worth while to have another camera set as a loading screen that would show the progress of each camera scenario being loaded?

I thought it might be kind of a neat idea to have a loading screen with multiple loading bars but perhaps if they load super fast that this could be slowed down to some degree. I know that sounds kind of weird because usually you want things to load fast but my project is mostly GUI one big interactive user interface that is connected to an Arduino. So I was thinks of a way to make a “System Status” loading screen that showed the loading progress of each camera and canvas and each loading bar could be given a name and sound effects.


Since you would be adding this “System Status” Canvas in your scene … when you’ll see this canvas, it will mean that the others are loaded to, hence all the bars will be already full.

But i think i get your idea and here’s a proposition:

  • start your scene on this “loading status” canvas
  • make loading bars with filled images (begin with fill ratio to 0)
  • animate or script (animate is definitly the best way) the fill ratio so it slowly raise to 100%

Now you have your bars filling up and you can decide/allow the user to switch to one of the 8 canvases whenever you want. Keep in mind that since everything is in the same scene, everything is already loaded, you just want to fake a loading process.