Loading bar for NEXT scene/level...

Code question…

Ok, here’s the lowdown:

  1. We have a Menu scene, the Game scene, then Score scene (simplified breakdown) for web player distro…for now.

  2. We set the First Streaming Level 0 (as default, the Menu), loaded Menu scene fairly quickly, click “Start” to go to the actual Game scene…and sits there…sits there…sits there…sits there…in the meantime, people are clicking the heck out of the “Start” button wondering why it’s not loading, soooooo…

  3. We set First Streaming Level to 1 (our Game scene), thinking it won’t display Menu scene until Game scene is loaded…but this achieved NO DIFFERENCE in delay after clicking “Start” in Menu scene…sigh.

With this in mind, we decided we definitely need at least a loader bar (as visual feedback to the player) to let them know SOMETHING is happening during the delay while loading the Game scene…and yes, I’ve read about the “GetStreamProgressForLevel” and “CanStreamedLevelBeLoaded” but we’re designers and not really coder-types, so can someone show WORKING code (not THEORETICAL) for doing this?

We would like to re-use our custom loader bar that we are currently using for the web player loader, just have it show after player clicks “Start” or any other scene from the Menu choices…

LINK: http://clients2.g2mediagroup.com/cmc…_20111215.html

Thanks for any help!

here’s the code from the docs

  using UnityEngine;
  using System.Collections;
    public class example : MonoBehaviour {
        public float percentageLoaded = 0;
        void Update() {
            if (Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel(1) == 1)
                guiText.text = "Level at index 1 has been fully streamed!";
            else {
                percentageLoaded = Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel(1) * 100;
                guiText.text = percentageLoaded.ToString();

looks like thats what your looking for