Loading content at runtime with HoloLens and IL2CPP

I’m working on a HoloLens application that requires loading new content dynamically. In a very basic scenario this is what I imagine:

  • The user is able to load small holograms to his environment
  • Holograms could have simple scripts attached, e.g. switching colors when they get clicked
  • The collection of holograms is extendable even after the app has been published. It is possible to add new holograms with their own scripts so the user can get new content.

I already learned that the usual mechanism for something like this is to use Asset Bundles - but it seems that this approach does not work for IL2CPP based platforms like UWP or IOS.

As this seems to be a very basic concept of game development I guess there are other ways to make something like this work? Or is this simply a limitation of Unity in this case?

Note that is possible to use Asset Bundles with IL2CPP on any platform. However, since IL2CPP is an ahead-of-time compiler, it needs to have access to all of the code that will run at compile time. So you cannot ship new script code in asset bundles.