Loading from streaming assets in obb fails.. but not always.

Hello everybody.

In a current android project I want to load an .mp4 video from the streaming assets.
Nothing special about that… the normal .apk works fine.

The problem starts after splitting the binary for the store.

Here the basics of the problem:

  • loading from streaming assets with a splitted apk (obb) fails, when game complete
  • levels are loading… so the obb has been found.
  • loading a video works fine, if 2 of the 4 language packages are deleted (doesn’t matter which one)
  • Therefore: the plugin is also working with an obb and the path is basically correct
  • version with 3 language packs and only 1 (instead of 32) videos is not working (although the obb is smaller than the working one = size appears not to be the problem)

Do you have any guesses, tips or even solutions to this?

Seems to me like a building bug, because the (otherwise) working plugin can’t find the video file in the right path.
Would be really glad, thanks in advance!


Here the path the plugin is looking for the video (in both cases):


The error:

AndroidJavaException: java.lang.RuntimeException: File "assets/MainMenu_Video_Android.mp4"not found in zip
08-13 15:11:59.536: I/Unity(18140): java.lang.RuntimeException: File "assets/MainMenu_Video_Android.mp4"not found in zip

Can you tell me what is the path to the video in the OBB file ? For example, without binary split, I find the path with : string path = Application.streamingAssetssPath + “/” + “MyVideo.mp4”;
What is the path if I build the application with binary split ?
Thanks a lot.