loading generic models on the fly ?

The client would like to fill an application with models, that he creates by his own and that are organized through a database. So generic models should be loaded on the fly.

I found the “obj (v1.2)” solution at Loading 3d models at runtime in Unity3d. With this scripts I can load obj-files on the fly. But currently I run into some performance issues.

While I am checking the reasons and details, I would like to ask if someone is using this solution with good success?
Or is there a better solution?

thx in advance,
ullala :slight_smile:

Do you really need to load generic models on the fly or merely give the user the appearance of this? The reason I ask is because you could solve this problem by having a server running somewhere that uses Unity in batch mode to create asset bundles that the web players fetch. The OBJ files your client creates could be dropped onto the server, and converted into asset bundles. Just a thought.

thx for the tip!