Loading Prefab from Script

OMMMGGGGG Whats happening.
Alright. So I’ve made a ship factory. When called upon it should make a ship. Everything is working fine. Until it comes to the actual Instantiating. I’m trying to get a prefab from my projects pane through scripting it, and not manualy defining it as a variable at the top and then dragging and dropping it. So at the moment, the Unitys telling me to insert a semicolen at line 17 (line defining PTBoat var), which I have. Am I doing something wrong? (well I obvously am) but can anyone point to the problem. So heres the code I’ve used.

public class ShipFactory {
	function newShip(type : ShipType, location) {
		if( !type ) {
			// TODO: return blank ship, debug statement
			return null;
		var ship = null;
		if( type.Equals(ShipType.PT) ) {
			var PTBoat =  (GameObject)Resources.Load("Easy Boat");
			if(PTBoat!=null )  {
				ship = UnityEngine.Object.Instantiate(PTBoat, location, Quaternion.identity);
			} else {
				Debug.Log("PTBoat prefab is null");

		return ship;

Also I called the class using this:  
shipFactory.newShip(ShipType.PT, ShipSpotA);  
Incase that would help at all. If you need anymore detail please just ask. I've been stressing over this for like an hour

WOW. Alright. I’m dumb. All I had to do was create a folder named Resources. -_-