Loading Remot Config on start of app

Is there any code example to use in case of loading remote config on start of an app, i see many cases when somebody want to load it but have this issue that it was load from second load of app here is my code :

protected override void Awake()
            ConfigManager.FetchCompleted += AppServerVersion;
            ConfigManager.FetchConfigs<userAttributes, appAttributes>
                     (new userAttributes(), new appAttributes());
private void AppServerVersion(ConfigResponse reponse)
            serverAppVersion = ConfigManager.appConfig.GetString("Version");

If you have any example how to load this on first run let me know :)

Your code is correct. Awake() should fire first, then Start() when your game loads. I would suggest that you place Debug.Log statements to confirm https://discussions.unity.com/t/748729/14