Loading Scree

Hi boys… I have a scene really heavy and it takes a lot of time to load. Not for iPhone, not for Android, just for desktop :slight_smile: So, I’d like to have a loading screen, with something that turns or, if it’s possible, even a progress bar.
How can I do this ?

Display something on OnGUI, text, image, whatever. If you want to make a texture turn, look over here. For a progress bar, we need more information. Is it streaming ?

No, it’s not streaming, it’s simply a desktop game with some scenes.

Just a question: I’m tring to use Asynchronous loading like rabbitfang suggested, but is there a way to just load but NOT yet open a scene ?

Explaining: if I use

load =

when it has finished to load, it automatically open MainMenu.
Is there a way to load and maintaining it ready and call the new scene another time ?