Loading screen

Do you know when the game is building and running. When it say built with unity? Is it possible to get rid of that and put something like the company name or the name of the game? If you can get rid of built with unity can I slow down the loading process to put in the company name?

You can’t remove made with unity unless you have the full version. You could make another loading screen with this script I made

#pragma strict
var companylogo : GUITexture;
var fadein : boolean;
var fadeout : boolean;

function Start () {
    fadein = true;

function Update () {


if (companylogo.guiTexture.color.a > 0.4){
fadeout = true;
fadein = false;}
if (fadein == true){
companylogo.guiTexture.color.a += 0.005;
if (fadeout == true){
companylogo.guiTexture.color.a -= 0.005;