loading values into GUITEXT


I am trying to load dynamic values into guitext I am getting some strange behaviour
the debug works… but the data does not get displayed…
please have a look at the code below , i added comments on the behavior

any advice will great
thank you

private var Malaf2 : TextAsset;

//drang into place in the inspector

var ans1:GUIText;

var question:GUIText;

// array to hold the questions files
var myQuestions : Object[];

function Start(){

//loading the xml files from directory
myQuestions = Resources.LoadAll("questions",TextAsset);

//get a random file with its question and answers
Malaf2= myQuestions[Random.Range(0, myQuestions.Length)];

// load the values by calling function

function LoadStuff(){
 //Malaf2= myQuestions[Random.Range(0, myQuestions.Length)];
//do we have a file if yes keep going
 if(Malaf2 != null)
    // read the xml file(the random one from above(start)
        var reader:XmlTextReader = new XmlTextReader(new StringReader(Malaf2.text));
        // read question
        if(reader.Name == "Question")
            //assign question value to the gui 
        question.text= reader.GetAttribute("Text")+ " ";//no data getts into the gui
        Debug.Log(question.text); //debug works fine
        // read answer1
            if(reader.Name == "Answer1")
                ans1.text = reader.GetAttribute("Text"); // returns empty
                ans1.text = reader.GetAttribute("Text").toString;
               //if I was toString error (MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.String.toString'.)
               //but some data shows up
              Debug.Log(ans1.text); //works fine
       } //end reader
      } // end checking for null file
    }// end function

ToString is a method not a property, meaning you should write:
ans1.text = reader.GetAttribute(“Text”).toString() See the paired parenthesis at the end?

One thing you could try is just going the OnGUI route, instead of having a GUITEXT on screen, create an OnGUI function to display your text.