LoadLevel failed but the level exist in BuildSettings on Android


Just wonder if anyone has this issue where LoadLevel complains that the level does not exist in Build Settings?

I have the scene added into build settings but it just does not load on Android. It is fine on editor and iOS build. It did work on android before but i just couldn’t figure out what did I change that could make this happen.

Here are the stuff i tried before posting this questioin:

  1. Removed all scenes from build settings and just build that one level. It works.
  2. Add in a MainMenu scene which has a button to load in Level1 using LoadLevel(“Level1”). Failed.
  3. Add in MainMenu scene and load Level1 using LoadLevel(1). Failed.

It seems like whenever it tries to load in Level1, it would just fail.


This turns out to be caused by split binaries.

Are you sure you’re using the correct Minimum API Level in the Android Build Settings? I had exactly the problem you describe and resolved it by setting the Minimum API Level to Android 2.3.3, which I guess was more compatible with the latest version of the Android SDK that I had downloaded.

NOTE: This is not the solution, see Daziel’s answer about Split Binaries