LoadLevel or swap lightmapping between the scenes of different light deployment?

Suppose we have two lightmapped scenes of identical geometry that difer in the deployment of static lights.

What is the best way to setup:

  • in form of one scene and then and swap the lightmaps
  • or in form of two scenes and corresponding levels and then use Application.LoadLevel() to swap those scenes with all the lightmaps

No one willing to answer. Have to do myself.

Seems that the best way is to make three scenes/levels:

  • one with all non-mesh and no-light objects put into container with the script component attached. The script should contain the “DontDestroyOnLoad (transform.gameObject);” statement in Awake section.

  • two with meshes and lights - to toggle between

I would be grateful if someone would be willing to confirm, deny or comment that.