LoadLevel Problem

I have to finish my project today but I have quite a problem :

My game use a "spawn Manager". It works great when you launch the game. But when you restart the game (for example, after a GameOver), it doesn't work anymore!!!

The GameOver is just a scene with a plane, loaded with LoadLevel("gameover". When the player press space to try again, I use LoadLevel("mygame"). And the spawnManager doesn't work anymore when I load the level with this metod (whereas it works when you lanch the game).

How can I fix that?


except if the spawnmanager is receiving some info from a previously loaded scene or a persistent object, it's hard to know without looking at the code.

I found the problem : I was using C# Messenger, but I forgot to RevokeListener in a OnDisable function!

I hope it will help some people!