LoadLevelAsync behaviour within a scene

I’m looking to achieve the same behaviour as LoadLevelAsync, but with in-scene operations. My levels are loaded dynamically from serialized data at the beginning of the scene.

I’m currently using a co-routine to initialize the level while a loading screen displays, but I am unable to show a loading animation as the co-routine seems to just about pause the scene anyway. As I understand this has to do with main thread vs multi-thread but my googling to get the same behaviour hasn’t given me what I need.

tl;dr Is there anyway to achieve the same behaviour of LoadLevelAsync when you plan on populating the scene after it begins?

Maybe Threading is what you need, instead of Coroutines: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa645740(v=vs.71).aspx

I didn’t understand, though, why you can’t just use LoadLevelAsync instead. You said you plan on populating the scene after it begins, but while you do that all you show is a loading screen, so why do they need to be on the same scene? My suggestion is that you simple create a “Loading Scene”
that displays your animation and starts the LoadLevelAsync, then when the level is loaded it’ll change to the proper scene.

Hope that helps :smiley: