LoadLevelAsync coroutine reloads level repetedly

I have encountered a problem that has completely thrown me. I have a main menu with three options to start the game and a loading text that is managed by using LoadLevelAsync. My issue is that when I load the game from the first two options (Level attack and Standard) the game operates as normal with no issues. However, when I load the game from the third option (Endurance) the scene will constantly reload and occasionally cause the game to nearly crash. This is my code for the function.


You simply

cannot do

what you are doing. Sorry for the bad news.

You must use Unity’s UI system.

It is incredibly easy - it will take you literally less time than it took me to type this.

Click once to add a Canvas. Click again to add a Button.


You’re done - go prepare for Christmas.

A useful tip for you when making your first UI is, generally select “Scale With Screen Size”:


Fortunately there is literally nothing to learn with the UI system. If you do the two clicks I describe above you’re a top expert. Nothing more to know.

Regarding the code you posted there are so many problems it would not be practical to address them. It is not conceptually possible to do what you’re trying to do. Cheers and good luck.