LoadScene do not work well


I am testing a plattform game. In a lot of devices run ok but in some phones or tablets, when i click “Start” in the main scene don’t load good the next scene.
When i click start, the game scene is superimposed on the main and does not look good.

The code it’s this…
void CargarEscenaJuego(){
SceneManager.UnloadSceneAsync(“Nivel0 - Inicio”);
SceneManager.LoadScene (EscenaACargar, LoadSceneMode.Single);
Can anybody help me, please?

Thanks a lot!


It’s really hard to guess what might be wrong from what you are telling us but, given the available information, I’ll hazard one anyway.

I think maybe the fact that you are kicking off an asynchronous unload followed by a synchronous load could be the issue. When I tried code like that, I got a warning that unloading the last loaded scene was not supported. You’re loading the new scene in Single mode.

Why not try just loading the new scene and let Unity worry about destroying the old one?

void CargarEscenaJuego()
  SceneManager.LoadScene (EscenaACargar, LoadSceneMode.Single);

Thank you MaxGuernseyIII!

In a first momento i has this code, only SceneManager.LoadScene (EscenaACargar, LoadSceneMode.Single) but it is the same.

don’t appears on all devices but in some of them yes. It is an example:

Main scene:

And when i click START… The scene is frozen and the other appears in the background

Reallym thank you so much!

I run into the problem of Unity not moving the player to the next scene when I use single mode. Do you guys just have the player in every scene? I’m trying to figure this out…