LoadScene without unloading the last.

I am trying to make it so that my character can go into a room. The room is a new scene. I am currently using Application.LoadLevel( ); to move to the next room, but when I go back to the last room, I want the character to be right outside the door instead of starting back at the spawn-point. I have one main overworld, with all the other small rooms.

Would LoadLevelAdditive be a good way to load the next level, without unloading the last so that the character will stay outside the door? I don’t want the character to move while I am still in a level because I want the character to stay right outside the door. There is another character in the next scene so I only want to move that character while the first is waiting outside the door.

In a previous game, I made a copy of the main world for every door. Each one had the character outside each one of the doors. I know that there is a better way but I can’t figure one out.

In simple terms, I want it to stand outside the door that it just came from when I go back to the overworld and not start the scene over at the beginning spawn point.

What would be the best way to do this?


Can you save the translation/transform into a global variable before leaving the room and entering the next scene/room?