Local and Online multiplayer : which plugin ?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for a multiplayer plugin in order to have local and online multiplayer for a 2D beat’em all. I found several plugins like Photon, Bolt, MultiLan/MultiOnline, uLink, TNet, …
All of these have good opinions, so i’m stuck : i don’t know which one i have to choose !
At the end my need is to have like the multiplayer of Broforce game : mix local and online (for example 2 players on the same screen, then 2 others can join online), and compatible with Steam, so no ingame account system.

If someone has experienced one of these plugin and think it can fill my needs please let me know !

If you know C# than… choose photon. But if you know just javascript, choose another one. Because Photon is a good plugin but it’s all wrote in C# and it’s hard or impossible (depends in what you do) to make it work with js.