Local database method?

In our upcoming game we have about 100 levels with different characteristics (some are mini-games, some give more points than others, some unlocks others etc). So far I’ve been storing the values in an array which is structured via a class and built upon start. It works fine but I was wondering if there’s a more clever way (iterate through an external xml at start perhaps?).

One benefit I’m looking for is to have a table structure of the database to be able to edit and view it in an external program.
What would be easiest to use in this case?

You could try using SQLite. Especially if you’re coding using Javascript (or if you’re not, if you can throw your javascript into the plugins folder and not have any other plugin scripts call it), it’s fairly easy to integrate SQLite into your projects. You may have to copy some DLLs around to get it working, but it’s pretty easy. Do some more research if you want to implement it in C#, as apparently there’s a little bit more moving stuff around to get dependencies to work.

As someone with zero knowledge of database stuff, it took me an hour or two to figure out how to get everything compiling, then a few more hours to learn how to play with SQL databases, but it wasn’t TOO painful. I’m using this code:


and I think this post was helpful to get things set up? I should make a good guide on the wiki…


At any rate, then it’s easy to mess around with your database (which in SQLite’s case is just stored as a local file) with this program: