Local Leaderboard with unique names

I want to implement a leaderboard to a project I’m working on. Basically I doing a remake of Tanks! Tutorial…

I already implemented so that both players can enter a name before the game begins. Now I would like to add a Leaderboard to the game. At the end of each game (5 Rounds) I want to add the player’s score to a leaderboard - if it’s due to end up at the leaderboard ofc.

A simple leaderboard is, well, simple to create… However, I would like a leaderboard that can detect if a player’s name is already on the leaderboard and if it is… Update the score of that entry, remove any duplicates and sort it…

This leaderboard doesn’t need to be online, only stored locally; PlayerPrefs is what I guess is the easiest to use? Can anyone please help me?

Why don’t make a “simple” leaderboard using Dictionary ? where the name is the key(string) and the int value is the score so when u want update u can simple verify if contains or simple add right away and if don’t have the key now u add or if already had a key u simple did a update!

Here it’s a link for a tutorial that can help!

@Kovenant check this