Local Notification on android and ios every 24 hours

Hello everyone,

I need to make a local notification for my game on android/ios devices that tells the user that he didn’t play/open the game for 24 hours like “We missed you on the board!” or something.

I have searched about many plugins for unity to handle the local notifications but I wonder if the game in the background can calculate the time (for 24 hours) while it is not even running!!

So anyone has any idea about what shall I do?

And If there is anyone can give me an advice which plugin shall I use for the ‘local notifications’ on android/ios, I would be so grateful!


Why not use Unity’s own

NotificationServices : Unity - Scripting API: NotificationServices

LocalNotification : Unity - Scripting API: LocalNotification

Just schedule a local notification OnApplicationPause (when exiting / pausing game) setting ‘fireDate’ to 24 hours in advance. And clear all local notifications when player resumes the game.

If you want to use plug-ins I recommend Prime31. I’ve used them in the past and they are quite good and reliable. Take a look at ‘Etcetera’ and ‘Etcetera Two’ plug-ins.

Please keep in mind that all the above only will work on iOS. For Android, you need to either buy a separate plug-in or find another way to do the same thing that unity allows it through their API

Hope this helps.